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DMRS Media Group,  LLC is a multimedia production company that specializes in brand communication, video production, news journalism training and media production consulting.  We help clients develop their brand identity, advertising strategies and PR campaigns through integrated media formats in video production, online media and mobile video.

Our approach to every organization's brand is communicated through consistent and effective messaging in advertising, marketing, PR, viral and social media campaigns that strengthen our clients reputation and furthers their business objectives.
We are dedicated to developing strategic integrated advertising and marketing concepts for corporations, small business, non-profit organizations and entertainment agencies.

DMRS Media Group, LLC gives you the same professional, knowledgeable, personal, and caring support that we would expect to receive. You are not just another client, but rather, someone with whom we expect to build a long-term relationship.

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Your business deserves all the attention it can get from customers. And what better way to connect with your customers than video? If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures. Need more reasons? Here are 16 reasons why your business needs to have videos: 

1 - Bring out your personality: Your business is unique. It is different from the competition. That is why you are doing it. But how to let your customers know that? Video is an effective way to do that - video can capture the energy with which you run your operations, it can show how happy your employees are, it can highlight the hundred different things that make you different from your competition. Just putting text on your website or brochure won't do - seeing is believing! And video is how to show it.

2 - Product demonstrations. Let's say you own a hair and beauty salon. If you could create a video showing your customers exactly how to apply the products so that they could have the beautiful hair, skin or eyebrows they desire, that would likely make them MUCH more likely to visit your hair and beauty salon. Because you are helping them understand how your salon looks and feels, what kind of products you use, and how your employees treat customers. As time goes by, you could create a library just for your product demonstration videos, and organize them by brand/function. 

3 - Profile your workers. One thing that many companies, especially those that blog, miss is putting the focus on their workers. It makes customers feel more at ease if we know more about the people we are dealing with. Creating a short video to introduce us to the people that work for your business is a great way to help establish trust with your customers. 

4 - Put the spotlight on your evangelists. Are you lucky enough to have special customers that sing your praises to everyone they see? Then stick them in front of the camera! Ask them if they wouldn't mind recording a short video testimonial for your business (Hint: They will probably ask you what took so long!). 

5 - Record special events that you're involved in. Does your business participate in fundraisers? Do you do community work every Thursday? If you have any event that is geared toward interacting with your community, share those experiences with others through video. This is also a great way to show your personality, and that you enjoy creating events that bring you closer to your customers. 

6 - Increase response rates by 3 times  By using video based business marketing than traditional direct response. Some businesses have reported a 600% improvement!

7 - Increase customer recall of your business by 50-60% via video than from a traditional printed material.

8 - Reduce your operating costs from sending out DVDs of your business than mailing out heavy catalogs and booklets.

9 - Make a more compelling presentation of your product or service incorporating sound and motion.

10 - Make your own commercial that you can be proud of. You don't have to be a Fortune 500 company to be able to have a TV quality commercial for your product or service. A carefully scripted 6-8 minute video can be more effective and convey as much information as a stack of printed materials!

11 - Show your product or service in action, something brochures can't do. We can film  your actual customers using your product or even stage a recreation. In either case, you can demonstrate the real benefits of using your product.

12 - Help your sales people by presenting a consistent message every time for every viewer. We'll put up your best sales and marketing messages in the video so your sales people can take it from there and easily close the sale. A sales person can't always be at his or her best, but with a video, your sales points are presented with the same  professionalism and enthusiasm each time.

13 - Leverage your video marketing efforts for multiple uses. Your video can be used on a website, in trade shows, one-on-one sales calls, show to groups, and offered in press releases and advertisements. It can be used to attract investors also. We can design the video such that it can easily be updated to include new products, services and people without redoing the entire video.

14 - Translate your video into multiple foreign languages. This can be very inexpensive if planned for it from the beginning.

15 - Use video as a cost-effective way to sell products that must be demonstrated in order to be sold, especially for products that are expensive to move or demonstrate.

16 - Connect with your customers emotionally. One reason video is such a powerful medium is because it involves the viewer's emotions. Even for businesses, buying decisions are often made on an emotional level. The ability to reach a prospect with images and sound can be incredibly persuasive. The combination of sights and sounds appeals both to those who learn visually and to those who respond more to auditory learning styles.

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